About Us

"Simply Cute”…a comment made by most of our customers when they see our products.

 When we thought of “Simply Cute”  in 2010, we wanted a solution to "…mummy this dress itches, I do not want to wear it…"  

We see a lot of children who hesitantly pick up our dresses and walk to the trial room. 

The entire showroom lights up with their smiles when they wear the dresses and come out saying “..Mummy no itching..”

Most of our dresses are designed in house and are stitched in Dharwad using modern Machines. 

These dresses are made by some of the finest stitching masters. 

The Masters toil hard with a desire to give your child the perfect dress which not only fits well but gives a warm feeling of comfort.

We use the finest quality raw material and accessories. 

Extreme importance is given to the comfort of the innermost lining such that the child feels comfortable wearing it. 

Our party wear frocks are summer friendly too! 

Do give our products a try…you will not regret it.

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